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1.29.2012 | Great story out of Alabama about two amazing former foster-youth who are now succeeding in college.

1.23.2012 | Great story about some former foster-youth in South Dakota who are making their way through college.

1.17.2012 | Amazing story of foster-youth who has overcome huge difficulties. He’s succeeding at college and is now an advocate for foster-youth himself!

1.11.2012 | Great story about a new law in California raising the age limit at which foster youth age out of the system from 18 to 21

12.21.2011 | Great story about foster-youth finding homes for the holidays.

11.28.2011 | Great story out of about the need for resources that will help foster-youth succeed in college.

11.5.2011 | Great quote from a former foster-youth who’s now attending Harvard as an undergrad.

12.13.2010 | Another great foster-youth success story, this time at Colorado State University.

11.25.2010 | Another great foster-youth success story, this one is still in the making

9.20.2010 | Great story about NY Giants player who’s giving back to the foster-care community.

9.10.2010 | Another great story of former foster-youth making their way through college.

3.12.2010 | Great story about kids in foster-care who would love to get adopted:

2.23.2010 | “One in four will end up incarcerated within two years of getting out of the foster care system…and one in five will end up homeless within that same two year period.”

2.22.2010 | “I want to scream to the world, hey we do exist,” – great story about a foster-youth trying to help Californian foster-youth have a better chance in the world once they turn 18.

1.30.2010 | “I’m a real boy now. I’m not a boy in foster care anymore.” Great story about connecting foster-youth with family members they never knew about.

1.4.2010 | Another great story of a former foster-youth making their way successfully through college

1.4.2010 | Great story about a former foster-youth (his name may be familiar…) who leveraged the resources of his local community foundation to help him pay for both his undergraduate degree and law school degrees

12.21.2009 | Great story about a former foster-youth making her way through college

3.27.2009 | Teen Fights to Find His Own Foster Family

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